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Google makes exhaust of cookies and records to:

  • Convey and dangle products and providers, esteem tracking outages and conserving in opposition to junk mail, fraud, and abuse
  • Measure viewers engagement and situation statistics to love how our products and providers are musty

In case you agree, we’ll also exhaust cookies and records to:

  • Pork up the high-quality of our products and providers and produce recent ones
  • Convey and measure the effectiveness of ads
  • Picture personalized roar, relying for your settings
  • Picture personalized or generic ads, relying for your settings, on Google and across the secure

For non-personalized roar and ads, what you undercover agent would possibly possibly presumably maybe honest be influenced by things esteem the roar you’re for the time being viewing and your situation (ad serving is in step sms-lån norge overall situation). Personalized roar and ads would possibly possibly presumably maybe honest furthermore be in step sms-lån norge those things and your process esteem Google searches and videos you check on YouTube. Personalized roar and ads embody things esteem extra related outcomes and solutions, a personalised YouTube homepage, and ads that are tailored to your interests.

Click “Customise” to envision alternate suggestions, collectively sms-lån norge controls to reject the usage of cookies for personalization and information about browser-level controls to reject some or all cookies for other makes exhaust of. Probabilities are you’ll presumably maybe maybe also furthermore talk about about sms-lån norge anytime.

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