Mixtapes to Millions in Real Estate with DJ Envy and Cesar Pina | BiggerPockets Podcast 455

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You’ve possibly heard of The Breakfast Club, the morning radio level to in over 90 markets that covers all the issues from hip hop tradition, to essential person gossip, to politics and extra. While it is advisable to maybe possibly possibly moreover fetch got listened, it is advisable to maybe possibly possibly moreover take into anecdote DJ Envy’s remark. He’s right here this day alongside sms-lån norge his partner Cesar Pina, to focus on staunch property, seminars, and industry.

DJ Envy grew up in Queens, Original York, and used to be neighbors sms-lån norge a plentiful DJ. After he heard how noteworthy cash DJs had been making sms-lån norgein the metropolis, he decided to open DJ-ing himself, and commenced releasing mixtapes. As his success grew, he started working for a radio location and landed a morning level to, which later changed into identified as The Breakfast Club.

After buying his first condominium and later selling it as a result of a prolonged commute, Envy walked away sms-lån norge around $80,000. He used to be curved, and knew that staunch property used to be a prolonged-term manner for him to make his wealth and fabricate success for him and his family. He started out buying a condominium every year and selling it a year later, then bought some homes in Detroit for $15,000 that offered for over $260,000! Envy wished to salvage extra into staunch property, so he used to be offered to Cesar.

Cesar used to be serving time in reformatory when he first learnt about staunch property investing. As soon as he used to be launched, he decided to jump in. He bought single family homes, then minute multifamily homes, then went on to industrial constructions. Now, he owns greater than 1,600 units and flips anywhere from 60 to 80 homes per year! His novel book, Flipping Keys, comes out later this month.

Cesar and Envy changed into an unstoppable duo, and now they’re educating others how they too can prefer rentals and flip homes. They give the impact of being this as a technique to support their neighborhood and let folks who could possibly possibly moreover very well be blind to staunch property investing fetch an opportunity at success and monetary freedom.

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